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What are some of the world's best horoscopes?

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An empowering guide to everything you need to know

Age Against the Machine

By Dixie Laite
Mayor of DameTown, Cameltoe Champion, Bullshit Slayer

How to receive like a divine feminist when it's scary

Learn how to receive the gifts offered to you, even when they come in unlikely (or unwanted) wrappings.

Living in the Third Eye

Heal your wounds, find your joy, and embrace your intuition and true desires
By Bonnie Ho

The leader of The Woolfer shares some of the best aging and perimenopause advice on the Internet

Does sex hurt? Need to pee a lot? Got lower back pain?

What could cause any sane woman to use a week of vacation time, buy a $300 plane ticket, and spend 20 hours with strangers comparing notes on pelvic pain?

Shitty sex. That's what. 

Everything you need to know about pelvic health

Old lives tale: Menopause is not a death sentence

Lesley Ware’s major life transition, Bumble success story, and fashion as self-care

I could have tried harder but what about happenstance?

La Bronca

The #1 Spanish radio personality on becoming a CEO and Instagram influencer during COVID

"I came from nothing — I’ve cleaned restrooms, I worked in restaurants, I did whatever I could — but I always had this dream. If I can keep my dreams alive even though I came here undocumented y todo eso (and all that comes with that), anyone can."

Nina Lorez Collins

How to process 2020 and welcome 2021 according to tarot and numerology

As we move into 2021, the good news is that balance is coming! 2021 is a “5 year” numerologically (2 + 0 + 2 + 1 = 5).

Vagina Dialogue: The more we know about our lady bits, the more we can enjoy

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