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Meet Dixie Laite
Mayor of DameTown, Cameltoe Champion, Bullshit Slayer and Force for Good

Describing Dixie Laite in a nutshell is a challenge, but here’s how the brand expert describes herself: Mayor of DameTown: Because it takes balls to be a woman. Cameltoe Champion. Writer, Branding and Marketing Consultant. Bullshit Slayer and Force for Good.

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The spiritual healer tells her transformational story of ditching depression, embracing intuition, and figuring out what you really want.

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Heal your wounds, find your joy, and embrace your intuition and true desires
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How to be really angry and still be a good person

As good people, our relationship with anger can be troubled. But, when we appreciate and befriend our anger, it brings us our empowerment.

“My therapist is encouraging me to take breaks and staycations, and spend days in bed just relaxing. Being a Black woman, this is something that I used to think was a luxury. My parents have said to me since I can remember that I need to be ‘twice as good, ‘twice as smart, ‘twice as everything’, to succeed. The bar always went higher and higher, and I piled on more and more. This year I have decided to stop and rest.”

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What's going on down there?

Does sex hurt? Need to pee a lot? Got lower back pain?

What could cause any sane woman to use a week of vacation time, buy a $300 plane ticket, and spend 20 hours with strangers comparing notes on pelvic pain?

Shitty sex. That's what. 

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