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What is perimenopause?

An empowering guide to everything you need to know

Age Against the Machine

By Dixie Laite
Mayor of DameTown, Cameltoe Champion, Bullshit Slayer

Living in the Third Eye

Heal your wounds, find your joy, and embrace your intuition and true desires
By Bonnie Ho

What could cause any sane woman to use a week of vacation time, buy a $300 plane ticket, and spend 20 hours with strangers comparing notes on pelvic pain?

Shitty sex. That's what. 

Old lives tale: Menopause is not a death sentence

I could have tried harder but what about happenstance?

Vagina Dialogue:
The more we know about our lady bits, the more we can enjoy

Always busy?

5 ways to stillness that you haven't heard before

A roundup of high-quality yearly astrology predictions

Queens of vinyl:
Female record store owners share the secrets to their success and the struggles that became strengths

After 50, no one minds your resting bitch face

How to come out of the cannabis closet as a responsible parent

We met online and I’m in love. When should we meet IRL?

Stability wasn’t sexy before the pandemic. Maybe now it is?

After the most destabilizing year in recent memory, some of us are asking, "I want stability, is that OK?"

Lisa Congdon’s 69 mantras to blaze your own path to success

What are the best cars for mindful driving?

Perimenopause power?

I met a woman online and we’ve been texting for about 2 weeks. We really connect and she seems GREAT. I haven’t met her IRL yet, but I’m totally head over heels. BUT — she’s a bartender in a town in the next state where a lot of local lesbians hang out in the summer, and I heard from a friend that this woman hangs out with a bad crowd in the bar where she works — wild women who do coke, etc. How should I proceed?— Looking for Miss Good in Bar

Health & Wellness

15 of the best perimenopause supplements, vitamins, drugs, hormones, and foods

Can we stop asking, ‘What’s the ROI on being kind?’

A spiritual healer (and recovered cynic) shows how treating people harshly is a reflection of how we treat ourselves. And it’s time to fix that.

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Is your tech career over at 40? This 51-year-old Netflix engineering manager doesn't think so

10 of the funniest dad quotes for Father’s Day or any day

Yep, your hormones want to tell you more than you think

Maisie Hill talks about how the “autumn phase of life” is about so much more than hot flashes. Perimenopause is an opportunity to confront your suppressed feelings and write your next chapter.

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Read "Hormone Rehab"

An excerpt of chapter 10, Perimenopause Power by Maisie Hill

Read our interview with Maisie Hill

Think your career transition is hard? Try coming out as a Tarot Reader.

Considering a career move, but scared what others may think? This techie-turned-tarot-reader shares her transition out of the corporate world.

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