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"Sometimes at 40 and beyond, we forget about ourselves. I had my youngest son at 42 — crazy, I know. Now I'm working on making time for me. Working out and making me a priority. It's great to reinvent yourself at this age and learn how to make ourselves a priority before we serve others."
— Cynthia Dixon of Cynassists 

How to return to college after 40

'Cancer has a way of saying you can do whatever the hell you want'

"It's no fucking joke." — Kirsten Johnson on what it's like to run two businesses — as a personal chef and doula — while single parenting and recovering from cancer during the pandemic.

'Two of the gifts of age are wisdom and not giving so many fucks'

Describing Dixie Laite in a nutshell is a challenge, but here’s how the brand expert describes herself: Mayor of DameTown: Because it takes balls to be a woman. Cameltoe Champion. Writer, Branding and Marketing Consultant. Bullshit Slayer and Force for Good.

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Women over 40 are poised to be one of the most powerful U.S. demographics

News flash: The majority of 40-plus women likely do not hate themselves, survey says.

In 2018, a New York agency called Fancy conducted a survey to ask American women ages 40 to about 60 how they feel about themselves and how brands market to them. 

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