Dear Dixie: How to date a confident man when you’re feeling insecure

  1. Hotsy Malone says:

    You are absolutely right on this. We are the ones telling ourselves we aren’t something enough when everyone else thinks we are great! My first thought was a man that was that together is obviously going to be with a women he feels is together as well so stop worrying and start enjoying your time out with this person and know how fabulous you truly are!

    • Dixie says:

      Of course I agree with you, Hotsy, and myself. :)Yet even though I give that advice I know just how incredibly hard it is to internalize and follow. While we can intellectually “know” these things, it’s easy to fall into feeling not good enough. I think this is especially true if we have histories or baggage where we felt unloved, unworthy, betrayed or disrespected by people we cared about or loved. I know it’s hard to shake that off.

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