How Carrie Maultsby-Lute balances the guilt of motherhood during COVID with leaning into her career

  1. Dr. Mary Maultsby-Jeffrey says:

    I tremendously enjoyed reading this article. Ms. Salinas did a great job captioning the fragility of moms in a time of uncertainty while offering hope and encouragement to those striving to survive these challenging times. The moms today have a much tougher time balancing work, family, and play than moms of my time. While raising two children as a single parent was challenging for me, I shiver to think of the results had I been confronted with such a pandemic as this. I give a shout out to my daughter, Carrie, and all of you who are faced with all the normal challenges of life as well as this once a century health crisis. You are all amazing women and incredible moms.

  2. Thank you for this lovely message. It really is a particularly difficult time for everyone and appreciate the Sheros like Carrie.
    She’s taught me so much.


  3. A. Starr says:

    Thank you for this important article. As a white/Jewish, single mother of a biracial child with learning differences, I have had a unique set of challenges, but am strengthened by stories of love and bravery. I am continually inspired by the courage and perseverance of mothers of color faced with the intergenerational harms caused by racism. I hope that as a mother and a human that my work, my life is in service to creating greater equity and joy in our communities.

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