What is middle age and what age is officially old?

  1. Helena B says:

    Sad that no one’s even bothered to discuss this. I am approaching 40 and look and feel youthful and young. I definitely think the term “middle aged “ is outdated itself and there needs to be a new word for it. I like “late youth” myself!

  2. My midlife will be at 70 then. But because midlife can’t be just a year, but has to be a timespan, and the point at which I will have lived half my life should be exactly in the center, I will allow for 15 years in either direction. Thus, my midlife will be from 55 to 85.

    To be sure, I will become and feel a lot older probably in the early part of that process, before technology catches up and rejuvenates me.

    Then again, you never know… I could die tomorrow and have had my actual midlife 15 years ago!

  3. Sam D Mitchell says:

    I believe that middle age begins when your children or your close friend’s children become adults (18 or so). This ties into the midlife crisis when you can LEGALLY sleep with people your children’s age. Ew.
    Old age begins when your children’s children or your Friends’ children are 18 or older. When your children are deciding if it is moral to date people their chidren’s age you are OLD.

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