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Counterphobia: How doing things that terrify me helps my anxiety

  1. Viv Schroeder says:

    My anxiety is all about deep concerns for the well-being of my loved ones and how I don’t know how to make everything right for them. I worry constantly about how to “fix” what I see as the problems they have and/or may have.
    Is there a name for that type of anxiety?

  2. Hello Viv, thank you for your comment and question. What you are describing sounds like the anxiety I face as a mom, but also as a human being that loves my family deeply. Is there a general name for that type of anxiety? I’m not sure. I do know that you’re not alone.
    Ask yourself if the anxiety you experience is constant. How many times a day do you experience it? How many times a week? A month? Does it impede your life?
    I would suggest seeing a therapist if your answers to these questions feel heavy.
    Sending lots of love and light~ Olga

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