Pregnant over 40: owning fear, embracing uncertainty, and the confidence of 39-year-old ovaries

In her latest Pregnant Over 40 column, Bonnie Ho shares her two IVF cycles so far, facing fear, and the beauty of uncertainty.

What happened when I embraced my desires and made good sex a non-negotiable in my dating life

Photo of a hand with red fingernails touching a cut melon in a suggestive manner

Wondering if you can make sex a priority in your dating life? Spiritual advisor Bonnie Ho chimes in with a resounding, “Yes!” Here’s why.

What’s up with dry, itchy, sensitive skin as we age? Here’s what I did about it.

Photo of manicured hands with gray nail polish, applying lotion

Our skin can get more dry, itchy and sensitive as we age. Here are the lotions, creams, and supplements I’ve tried to stop the itch.

Asian Heritage Month: When you don’t feel like you belong

Being an Asian-American woman often means being part of two cultures but belonging to neither.

Are you an overthinker? Here are 5 intuition tips for anxious minds

Everyone can tap into their psychic ability — even overthinkers. (If I can do it, you can too.)

Pregnant over 40: What to do with this ‘out of control’ feeling when trying to get pregnant?

Getting pregnant over 40 makes me feel so out of control! Here’s how I handle it.

What are the best events and communities for women over 40?

Revel rock-climbing

Looking for something new? Enjoy this curated list of some of the most interesting meetups and events for women in their 40s, 50s, and 60s.

What you need to know about the Uranus Opposition — the “Midlife Crisis” Astrology Transit

Are you in your 40s, questioning everything, and considering making major changes? You might be able to blame Uranus Opposition for your midlife crisis.

What do women want in middle age?

Jumble & Flow survey header

Hundreds of womxn answered our reader survey questions about life, happiness, health, the future, and more — and here’s what they said.

2022 Tarotscopes: When it comes to self-discovery, why limit yourself to tarot readings *or* astrology?

Red and orange tarot card with a dark haired woman sitting on a chair with the word Justice beneath her

Tarot-card focused readings for 2022, for each astrological sign. A tarot and astrological mash-up

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