‘Cancer has a way of saying you can do whatever the hell you want’

Kirsten Johnson Cancer Survivor

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This was Kirsten Johnson’s life in 2016 when she battled stage 3B inflammatory breast cancer. She’s pictured here with her stepdaughter, Claire (now 17), the daughter of her now ex-husband, and her daughter James, now 6. Being a cancer patient / self-employed / single mom is no fucking joke.” You can count on Kirsten Johnson […]

Marissa Huber shows how to live life your way, with ‘time chunking’

Marissa Huber at Alt Summit in March 2020

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Sometimes frustration is the best medicine for change — at least, that was the case for Marissa Huber. In 2015, at 38, the artist got so annoyed with people saying she’d have no time for herself once she became a parent that she “unintentionally built a community of creatives” to talk about it.  That accidental […]

RIP George Floyd: This is how Chicago artists honor his name in street art

Together We Stand BLM art Chicago

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Chicago artists are creating beautiful work to honor and remember George Floyd. We took these photos in Chicago’s Wicker Park neighborhood on June 9, 2020, shortly before Floyd was laid to rest next to his mother in his hometown of Houston, Texas. Amy Cuevas SchroederAmy Cuevas Schroeder is the founder of Jumble & Flow, the […]

Black Lives Matter, biracial identity, and the feeling of jeopardy that comes with systemic change

Amy Cuevas Schroeder Martin Cuevas

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You’re probably feeling a jumble of emotions right now: anger, fear, confusion. Maybe you’re thinking, “What should I do now?” or “How can I help?”  We’re right there with you. Over the weekend, I tried to pull back tears while reading about peaceful protests turning violent. I couldn’t stop crying until I talked about what […]

‘In my 50s, I’m free to be whatever or whoever I want’

Jeanne Chung, founder of MIGHTY Menopause

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Jeanne Chung portrait by Margot Duane Jeanne Chung wants to “rebrand” what it means for women to be in their 40s and 50s. “There’s Glossier on one side and AARP on the other,” says the 52-year-old founder of MIGHTY Menopause.  “JLo at the Superbowl was so polarizing. Modern, GenX women don’t fit into the social […]

Open call for photos: We’re looking for a few good women in their 40s

Call for photos: Women in their 40s

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Help us gear up for the official launch of Jumble & Flow Jumble & Flow, the empowering lifestyle brand for women in midlife, has been in “soft launch” mode for the last year. We’re getting ready to open the floodgates soon to announce to the world that We are Women in our 40s: Hear Us […]

What are the best quality and most accurate astrology sites and horoscopes?

Horoscopes and Astrology

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As a longtime horoscopes fan, I’ve come to view astrology as more than just a fun study of how the planets affect daily life. I feel like I’ve evolved along with regular readings about my star sign, Taurus. I’ve come to better understand who I am as a person and why my personality traits are […]

This book is a big deal in a world of thin people

Marisa Meltzer

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I live in a world of thin people. I interview the famously thin — actors, models, musicians, influencers — but mostly I observe them. I know their habits, but I’m also aware that I am not one of them. That’s a slice of Marisa Meltzer’s third book, This Is Big: How the Founder of Weight […]

Life on my terms: This is what happiness in your 40s looks like

Christina Loff and George for Jumble and Flow

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Christina Loff photographed at home by BriAnne Wills in Girls And Their Cats (Chronicle), a book that dispels the “crazy cat lady” stereotype. “So much of my happiness comes from just living how I want to live.” That’s how Christina Loff thinks about the rich, creative life she’s sculpted since moving from her native New […]

Call & Response prompts

Jumble & Flow Call and Response prompt April 2020

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We want to feature your insights Every month, we invite women in their middle years to answer one prompt question in 350 words or less. We’ll publish as many responses as possible in a consolidated post on the Jumble & Flow blog. This month’s writing prompt April 2020: What is your new normal during the […]