When ice cream makes you scream: how to identify and adapt to midlife food sensitivities

A cup of tea with ginger and lemon in it

Learn the causes of midlife food sensitivities and digestive woes in menopause, and how you can adapt

Perimenopause is hard on skin, hair, and nails. Natural nutrition can help.

Natural nutrition | A Black woman's hands cutting into a meal on a white plate with a knife.

Menopause can cause acne, weak nails and hair loss. Natural nutrition and regular rest helps us feel and look healthy and vibrant.

The menopausal vagina: everything you need to know but were too afraid to ask

A woman with dark hair sitting on a doctor's office table speaking to a woman doctor with blond hair

The menopausal vagina can often experience dryness and pain. Sally Duffin explains vulval and vaginal anatomy, natural and medical interventions, and how to break the stigma and have the vaginal health conversation.

Managing midlife anxiety

A woman sitting on a rock outcropping overlooking a valley

Stress, thyroid, contraceptives, dieting: what causes midlife anxiety and how nutrition, herbs and lifestyle changes can help.

Natural Nutrition for Perimenopause: What to eat to feel good and stay sane

A white plate with bananas, blackberries, kiwi and strawberries on a wooden plank table with a glass of juice, two pieces of toast and a split avocado

What should you eat in perimenopause to feel good and stay sane? Read this free excerpt of Sally Duffin’s book, “Natural Nutrition for Perimenopause,” for expert advice.

Perimenopausal brain fog: A nutritionist’s guide to thinking clearly

Foods that prevent brain fog

Prevent brain fog with these tips from nutritionist Sally Duffin, author of “Natural Nutrition for Perimenopause: What to eat to feel good and stay sane.”

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