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OG Creem editor Jaan Uhelszki talks relaunch of iconic rock ’n’ roll rag and how to age without losing your edge

How psyched were we to talk to Creem editor Jaan Uhelszki about aging with attitude and the relaunch of iconic rock ’n’ roll magazine? Very.

What happened when I embraced my desires and made good sex a non-negotiable in my dating life

Photo of a hand with red fingernails touching a cut melon in a suggestive manner

Wondering if you can make sex a priority in your dating life? Spiritual advisor Bonnie Ho chimes in with a resounding, “Yes!” Here’s why.

After years of chronic pain and fatigue, Curable changed my life

Illustration of a pink head with butterflies flying out of it.

Seeking relief from ongoing pain, migraines, and fatigue, I turned to a popular mind-body app. Here’s what worked (and didn’t work) for me.

What’s up with dry, itchy, sensitive skin as we age? Here’s what I did about it.

Photo of manicured hands with gray nail polish, applying lotion

Our skin can get more dry, itchy and sensitive as we age. Here are the lotions, creams, and supplements I’ve tried to stop the itch.

Dear Dixie: How should I handle my bump-on-a-log husband?

My husband’s a great guy but terrible communicator and it’s so frustrating. What can I do to improve our relationship?

“Today I am a woman”: Why I had a Bat Mitzvah ceremony on my 60th birthday

I’ve always felt Jewish, so why do a bat mitzvah at my advanced age? I’ll tell you.

The liberating power of solo travel and “microfreedoms”

Scenic photo of Washington state, with a bridge across turquoise water surrounded by pine trees

To find what makes her feel free and break long-held habits, executive, mother, and writer Liz Jones-Dilworth embarks a solo vacation.

Women over 40: Are you ready for International Day of Revelry?

Revel Members in NYC International Day of Revelry

Mark your calendar for July 24, 2022 — Revel is seeding a revolution for women in midlife everywhere.

How will society view women over 40 in the future?

A graphic with 7 circles with photos of women's faces. One circle contains this text: Wihat will society think of women over 40 in the future?

Join this conversation with pro-aging thought leaders about what the future may hold for women over 40. What’s your vision?

What does growing funding for “femtech” actually mean for women?

Overhead photo of medical tools arranged neatly on a sky blue background. The tools include a face mask, bandaid, pill box, tweezers, and other assorted medical implements.

Increasing investment in female-specific research and technology — dubbed “femtech” — could signal hopeful changes for women’s health funding and innovation.

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