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Why sex is best in your 40s

Character Samantha Jones from TV show, Sex and the City, smiling confidently

You can have the best sex of your life in your 40s. Studies agree that maturing body confidence and personal empowerment drive great orgasms.

What are the best apps for weight loss, exercise, and happiness in 2023?

The best apps to help you lose weight, eat better, exercise more and be happier to achieve your new year’s resolutions.

Low energy, weight gain, irregular periods — could it be perimenopause or thyroid problems?

Womans neck-by ron-lach

One in eight people have a thyroid problem and just about all women go through perimenopause — here’s how to tell the difference.

Emily McDowell on menopause awareness, releasing the drama, and leaning into the messy middle

EmilyMcDowell_Headshot THE MIDST

Artist and writer Emily McDowell on stepping back after burnout, the joys of quitting, and navigating menopause and midlife.

How to harness your negotiation superpower to get what you need and actually want

Fist bumps diva-plavalaguna

The author of “For the Forces of Good: The Superpower of Everyday Negotiation” delivers 3 tips to kickstart the power of everyday negotiation

Natural Nutrition for Perimenopause: What to eat to feel good and stay sane

A white plate with bananas, blackberries, kiwi and strawberries on a wooden plank table with a glass of juice, two pieces of toast and a split avocado

What should you eat in perimenopause to feel good and stay sane? Read this free excerpt of Sally Duffin’s book, “Natural Nutrition for Perimenopause,” for expert advice.

Overwhelmed or exhausted? Try gentle productivity.

Peach mug with spilled pink yogurt and words “Doing my best” spelled out in cereal.

Here’s how to adopt a ‘pressure off’ approach to life, with insights from Juliet Landau-Pope, author of “Being More Productive” Question for you: Have you ever looked at your to-do list and panicked? Does a feeling of overwhelm wash over you as you wonder how on earth you’ll get it all done? Between meetings, the […]

I’m going through early menopause — how can I still feel part of the sisterhood?

Dry Riverbed by Vedih-Akbaş

Dear Dixie, I started going through menopause early. I think I officially entered menopause at 46, one year after my period stopped for good. Before this, I was a regular heavy bleeder. I don’t exactly miss my period, but it has been a part of my identity since I was 12!  I am angry that […]

Introducing The Midst, the gateway drug for the modern 40-something experience

The Midst logo options for Jumble & Flow

Coming soon in 2023, we’ll retire Jumble & Flow and launch a new platform for women in their 40s, THE MIDST.

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