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What are the best apps for weight loss, exercise, and happiness in 2023?

The best apps to help you lose weight, eat better, exercise more and be happier to achieve your new year’s resolutions.

Introducing The Midst, the gateway drug for the modern 40-something experience

The Midst logo options for Jumble & Flow

Coming soon in 2023, we’ll retire Jumble & Flow and launch a new platform for women in their 40s, THE MIDST.

Dear Dixie: My husband is fine with me doing a threesome without him — but am I? 

Dixie Laite shares insightful advice for a 46-year-old woman considering whether to try a threesome.

Perimenopausal brain fog: A nutritionist’s guide to thinking clearly

Foods that prevent brain fog

Prevent brain fog with these tips from nutritionist Sally Duffin, author of “Natural Nutrition for Perimenopause: What to eat to feel good and stay sane.”

A reclamation: How to pick the right tattoo in your 40s and beyond

woman in white wedding dress with visible tattoos

From marking life events to overcoming social taboos, women embrace their bodies on their own terms.

Ophira Eisenberg on winning drinking contests, punching guys, and why Parenting is No Joke

Ophira Eisenberg Jumble and Flow interview by Dixie Laite

Meet NPR “Ask Me Another” host Ophira Eisenberg, who also runs a podcast called Parenting Is No Joke.

What are the best blenders according to ratings and experts?

Blender Gift Guide Header

If you’re looking for the best blenders for less than $175, you’ve come to the right place.

40+ Amazon holiday gifts for the beauty junkie, cannabis lover, coffee addict, stressed-out sister, or cool dude in your life

Find the perfect holiday present for beauty, coffee, cannabis, wellness and fashion friends on Amazon here! Beauty-editor approved!

The (un)acceptable bigotry of fashion

Fatphobia continues to run rampant in the women’s clothing industry despite the promise of big business.

What can female founders do to secure more funding for their start-ups?

These empowering strategies help women entrepreneurs gain financial backing in a competitive climate.

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