Life on my terms: This is what happiness in your 40s looks like

Christina Loff and George for Jumble and Flow

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Christina Loff photographed at home by BriAnne Wills in Girls And Their Cats (Chronicle), a book that dispels the “crazy cat lady” stereotype. “So much of my happiness comes from just living how I want to live.” That’s how Christina Loff thinks about the rich, creative life she’s sculpted since moving from her native New […]

Call & Response prompts

Jumble & Flow Call and Response prompt April 2020

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We want to feature your insights Every month, we invite women in their middle years to answer one prompt question in 350 words or less. We’ll publish as many responses as possible in a consolidated post on the Jumble & Flow blog. This month’s writing prompt April 2020: What is your new normal during the […]

How to get a new job during the Coronavirus pandemic

Amy Cuevas Schroeder working from home during the Coronavirus pandemic

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Is the job market tight? Hell yes — it rivals with the Great Depression. But are opportunities still out there for the taking and making? Yes and yes. I’m not going to fluff you up with rainbows and unicorns right now. You already know that times are unprecedentedly tough. I’m here to say that I […]

Live from my bedroom on losing my job during the Coronavirus pandemic

Amy Cuevas Schroeder working from home during the Coronavirus in 2020

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I’ve been here before. No, I’ve never been stuck inside my home during a global pandemic. This is a first for most of us. But I have been anxious, scared, and underemployed, which is my new normal since being laid off from my full-time job in tech just before the Coronavirus struck the States. In 2009, during the recession, […]

The Peri List: A comprehensive collection of resources for women in perimenopause and menopause

The Peri List of resources for women in perimenopause by Jumble & Flow

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Our curated and ever-growing guide to books, websites, doctors, and supplements that may help symptoms of perimenopause and menopause

‘This is the top of the mountain’: MPowder Founder Rebekah Brown on thriving in business in mid-age

Rebekah Brown, founder of MPowder

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The entrepreneur talks about how the U.K. is leading the conversation about menopause and why she believes aging is the start of something equally as intoxicating as youth.

I’ve been to Venus and back: How I’m finding my voice again

Amy Schroeder in college

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Here’s how I came out on top after being pushed out of the company I founded.

Boss-up quotes from 6 of the world’s most powerful Black women

Lizzo and Tina Turner

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In celebration of Black Herstory Month and every month, we share wise words from Michelle Obama, Lizzo, and more.

9 ways to save time and get to the point like an Essentialist

Essentialism by Greg McKeown

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Learn how creative minds like Nora Ephron, Ferran Adrià, and Steven Spielberg’s editor apply Essentialism to focus and prioritize.

45 of the most actionable ways to become an Essentialist

Essentialism Guide Jumble and Flow

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A summarized guide to Essentialism: How to live a truly meaningful, productive life