Own your jumbles, find your flow

Asian Heritage Month: When you don’t feel like you belong

Being an Asian-American woman often means being part of two cultures but belonging to neither.

Are you an overthinker? Here are 5 intuition tips for anxious minds

Everyone can tap into their psychic ability — even overthinkers. (If I can do it, you can too.)

Pregnant over 40: What to do with this ‘out of control’ feeling when trying to get pregnant?

Getting pregnant over 40 makes me feel so out of control! Here’s how I handle it.

What you need to know about the Uranus Opposition — the “Midlife Crisis” Astrology Transit

Are you in your 40s, questioning everything, and considering making major changes? You might be able to blame Uranus Opposition for your midlife crisis.

2022 Tarotscopes: When it comes to self-discovery, why limit yourself to tarot readings *or* astrology?

Red and orange tarot card with a dark haired woman sitting on a chair with the word Justice beneath her

Tarot-card focused readings for 2022, for each astrological sign. A tarot and astrological mash-up

How I stopped rebelling against my aging parents in my 40s

After rebelling against my parents for more than 20 years, I’m tired. Here’s how I found a way to love and accept them in my 40s.

This middle-aged woman’s honest review of Natural Cycles, a non-hormonal birth control app

At 41, Bonnie needed a short-term birth control method until she starts trying next year. She tried a birth control app, and here’s what happened.

Why this 41-year-old went off The Pill two decades after deciding she never wanted kids

At 18, I decided that I never wanted to have kids. Now that I’m 41 and have a successful corporate career behind me, I’ve changed my mind.

I worked a psychic hotline and these are the 5 most common relationship questions I was asked

This energy reader opens up about the 5 questions she fielded most often while working a psychic hotline — and how those questions changed her life.

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Own your jumbles, find your flow