Own your jumbles, find your flow

Ever wondered about CBD sex spray? Here’s what happened — and what didn’t — when I tried it.

Eggplant and peach on lilac background

Ever wondered about CBD sex spray? Here’s what happened — and what didn’t — when I tried it.

I learned how to do inner child work for my own anxiety — and ended up helping my actual kids

I stumbled upon my own trigger when my 2-year-old son’s incident reports from school sent me into a tailspin. How could I take care of myself and him?

How I quit the diet cycle and refocused on what really matters in life

As I unpacked why my diet failed and considered what might be a more successful route to my health goals, I had a shocking revelation.

What is middle age and what age is officially old?

No one can avoid aging, but aging well and with purpose is something else — our raison d’être at Jumble & Flow.  But first things first: Who gets to decide when you’re officially old? We’ve all heard that age is just a number — we’ll plus-one that — but we’re also open-minded about medical research […]

How I stopped rebelling against my aging parents in my 40s

After rebelling against my parents for more than 20 years, I’m tired. Here’s how I found a way to love and accept them in my 40s.

Is menopause really the Grim Reaper of sexual fulfillment?

Photo of rapper Princess Superstar wearing heart-shaped glasses

The start of menopause has a reputation for being the end of hot sex. Rapper Princess Superstar and two sex experts bust this tired myth.

How I coped with chronic trauma from growing up with undocumented parents

Many leave their hometown and never look back. After 22 years away, Olga reintroduced herself to her hometown and was surprised by what she found.

This middle-aged woman’s honest review of Natural Cycles, a non-hormonal birth control app

At 41, Bonnie needed a short-term birth control method until she starts trying next year. She tried a birth control app, and here’s what happened.

6 of the best self-care techniques you’ll never find on Instagram

Self care ain’t always sexy. Here are six self-loving practices you can start this weekend that will actually make your life more manageable.

How this 41-year-old mom manages her food anxiety after a geriatric pregnancy

After my geriatric pregnancy, I was physically spent. But, I was also emotionally defeated: I felt like I was starting over in someone else’s body.

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Own your jumbles, find your flow