Stacy London: The Maven of Midlife is revolutionizing menopause

Stacy London pink background blue velvet vest

From What Not to Wear to wear whatever the f- you want, the stylist-turned–TV personality -turned-women’s health entrepreneur owns her evolution, revels in being in the prime of her life, and becomes her own North Star.

Strength training: Why women in their 40s need to start now

Photo of a woman tying sneakers with a water bottle, phone and ear pods next to her feet

Strength training benefits women in their 40s by preventing muscle loss and bone loss while increasing metabolism, mood, and memory

5 tips to get better sleep: Plus 10 products on Amazon that can help

Sleep products for women

Women in their 40s can get better sleep with products to help create a bedtime schedule, a relaxing bedroom, and physical relaxation.

Think you stink? 6 solutions to help with sweaty, irritable, or dry skin

Skincare for women in midlife

Women with 40-something stink can find relief in these tried-and-true solutions for friction, sweat, and dryness.

Why I started smoking weed in my 40s — and why you should, too


Best health and wellness benefits of cannabis for women in their 40s, including better sex, improved sleep, and relief from pain

Hot flashes and summer weather: How to beat the heat

Why women experience hot flashes during perimenopause and menopause — along with triggers, treatments, and solutions.

Perimenopause is hard on skin, hair, and nails. Natural nutrition can help.

Natural nutrition | A Black woman's hands cutting into a meal on a white plate with a knife.

Menopause can cause acne, weak nails and hair loss. Natural nutrition and regular rest helps us feel and look healthy and vibrant.

Going through it? Check out 7 amazing mental health podcasts for women

A woman's hand with painted nails holding headphones to her ear, as she records on a computer audio setup

Going through it? With 4 million podcasts out there, it’s hard to find the best! Here are 7 amazing mental health podcasts for women.

After years of body image struggles, Body Groove is teaching me to love my body

Karyn Johnson as a teenager in 80s workout gear.

After years of body image struggles, GenXer Karyn Johnson shares how she found joy in movement with Body Groove.

Spring is here, but can decluttering really make you happier?

It’s spring decluttering and cleaning time. Can it really be a boost for our mental health?

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