For Grown-Ass Ladies

Pregnant over 40: What to do with this ‘out of control’ feeling when trying to get pregnant?

Getting pregnant over 40 makes me feel so out of control! Here’s how I handle it.

Hips don’t lie: How returning to Hawaiian hula dancing made me feel whole again in my 40s

How the gentle, flowing movements and radical acceptance of Hawaiian hula dancing helped me find my way back to myself in midlife.

Endometriosis: what are the causes, symptoms, and treatment options?

Learn how endometriosis affects the body, how it’s diagnosed, the common treatments, and examining theories as to what might cause it.

Our family got COVID in January: For an anxious mom, I stayed surprisingly calm

I’ve got an anxiety disorder but when my family got infected with COVID, I used these mental-health tactics to avoid a panic attack.

What is bloating and how can you manage it?

Learn about the common and uncommon causes of bloating along with how to manage symptoms depending on severity.

The I-don’t-need-a-partner-to-have-great-orgasms self-love gift guide

Sexy gift ideas for Valentine’s Day or next Tuesday from mostly BIPOC, LGBTQ+, and women-owned businesses, as recommended by a newly single middle-age divorcée. Good vibrations, here we come!

Older & wiser? Why age is truly just a number

Whatever our aging faces and bodies might look like, our inner selves can feel age 15, 45 and 60, all at once. The lesson? You’re only as old as you feel.

Counterphobia: How doing things that terrify me helps my anxiety

Counterphobia is a superpower that helps anxious people overcome fears and phobias, (especially if they’re in the Enneagram 6).

Finally! Elektra Health’s Meno-morphosis program delivers the perimenopause and menopause support we deserve

Elektra Health Super Woman

The women’s health startup reinvents what it means to be menopausal. Their online program includes menopause doulas, a talk with Stacy London, pelvic-floor physical therapy, and more.

Unpopular opinion: Forget the knife; cultivate your inner self

What if “get work done” meant working on self-acceptance, (instead of nipping, Botox-ing and tucking)?

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