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How will society view women over 40 in the future?

A graphic with 7 circles with photos of women's faces. One circle contains this text: Wihat will society think of women over 40 in the future?

Join this conversation with pro-aging thought leaders about what the future may hold for women over 40. What’s your vision?

What does growing funding for “femtech” actually mean for women?

Overhead photo of medical tools arranged neatly on a sky blue background. The tools include a face mask, bandaid, pill box, tweezers, and other assorted medical implements.

Increasing investment in female-specific research and technology — dubbed “femtech” — could signal hopeful changes for women’s health funding and innovation.

“Healthy tan” then, skin cancer now

When I was a kid, my bronzed skin was seen as healthy, but now I’ve got skin cancer.

Asian Heritage Month: When you don’t feel like you belong

Being an Asian-American woman often means being part of two cultures but belonging to neither.

Hey, anti-choicers: Whose lives are you actually “pro”? 

It’s hard out here for pro-choicers who actually value the lives (and autonomy) of women and girls.

What should we call middle-age women — older, midlifer, 40+?

What do we call women over 40?

Join this conversation with pro-aging thought leaders about the best language to describe people over 40.

Top 5 reasons divorce can be good for your mental health

Here’s why splitting up can be better for you, your kids, and your partner than sticking it out until the kids are older.

I went to a marriage retreat in wine country and all I got was this epiphany

Marriage retreats: What to ask yourself before started couples counseling.

Are you an overthinker? Here are 5 intuition tips for anxious minds

Everyone can tap into their psychic ability — even overthinkers. (If I can do it, you can too.)

Moms over 40: Don’t sleep on your health habits 

As moms in midlife, it’s time we recognize how critical this decade is to our future health and wellbeing.

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