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What are the best blenders according to ratings and experts?

Blender Gift Guide Header

If you’re looking for the best blenders for less than $175, you’ve come to the right place.

40+ Amazon holiday gifts for the beauty junkie, cannabis lover, coffee addict, stressed-out sister, or cool dude in your life

Find the perfect holiday present for beauty, coffee, cannabis, wellness and fashion friends on Amazon here! Beauty-editor approved!

The (un)acceptable bigotry of fashion

Fatphobia continues to run rampant in the women’s clothing industry despite the promise of big business.

What can female founders do to secure more funding for their start-ups?

These empowering strategies help women entrepreneurs gain financial backing in a competitive climate.

Invisibility is my superpower, and it can be yours, too

With age comes the ability to blend into the background that can be used to your advantage.

Chronic pain is rising among women. Why are autoimmune disorders such a little-known culprit?

Autoimmunity Chronic Pain among middle age women

Does it seem like everyone you know has chronic pain? We break down what this has to do with autoimmune disorders and women.

10 soothing self-care comfort items for relaxing and unwinding

Relieve stress during the day and reset before bed with these products that help create a sense of calm.

5 affordable beauty trends from New York Fashion Week Spring 2023

Christian-Siriano-Spring-2023 Beauty Jumble and Flow

Fall beauty trends are in! Get new makeup looks and hairstyles from New York Fashion Week, Spring 2023.

Grey’s Anatomy: The politics, science, and art of growing grey

What happens when women grow their hair grey? Get the politics, science and art behind this widely scrutinized or celebrated right of passage.

OG Creem editor Jaan Uhelszki talks relaunch of iconic rock ’n’ roll rag and how to age without losing your edge

How psyched were we to talk to Creem editor Jaan Uhelszki about aging with attitude and the relaunch of iconic rock ’n’ roll magazine? Very.

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