Lesley Ware’s major life transition, Bumble success story, and fashion as self-care

Lesley Ware Jumble and Flow

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“How does one be happy, hurting, growing, and healing simultaneously?” Good question, right? These are the jumbles that Lesley Ware, now 42, started working through when she turned 40. At the time, the author and educator was going through what she describes as a “major life transition”. Lesley was recently separated and starting therapy to […]

The best part of aging? Earning the right to give less f—s

Dixie Laite Age Against the Machine 1

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I’m not going to lie, I hate being old. BUT, I really like growing older. Because I really like growing. It’s like this… My back hurts, my knees hurt, my neck hurts. Sometimes the obscurity hurts. No matter how fabulous you are, there’s a kind of invisibility cloak that falls upon women over 50. It’s […]

‘Two of the gifts of age are wisdom and not giving so many f***s’

Dixie Laite for Jumble & Flow

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I have a number of favorite people, but Dixie Laite is hands-down at the top of the list. I’ve thought of Dixie, now 58, as a mentor ever since she welcomed me with open arms when I arrived as a fresh-off-the-boat Midwesterner in New York in my early 30s.  We’d originally met through my old […]

No more faking the funk: Our cofounder turns her back on Silicon Valley startup culture

Candice Nobles Alamo Square Park

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“No one expected me to be Black,” says Candice Nobles, reflecting on the day she arrived for her first day on the job at a San Francisco software company in 2002.  This was the pre-Zoom era — she landed her marketing role through phone interviews while living in Chicago. “It was hilarious,” Candice says. “The […]

‘Cancer has a way of saying you can do whatever the hell you want’

Kirsten Johnson Cancer Survivor

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This was Kirsten Johnson’s life in 2016 when she battled stage 3B inflammatory breast cancer. She’s pictured here with her stepdaughter, Claire (now 17), the daughter of her now ex-husband, and her daughter James, now 6. Being a cancer patient / self-employed / single mom is no fucking joke.” You can count on Kirsten Johnson […]

Marissa Huber shows how to live life your way, with ‘time chunking’

Marissa Huber at Alt Summit in March 2020

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Sometimes frustration is the best medicine for change — at least, that was the case for Marissa Huber. In 2015, at 38, the artist got so annoyed with people saying she’d have no time for herself once she became a parent that she “unintentionally built a community of creatives” to talk about it.  That accidental […]

‘In my 50s, I’m free to be whatever or whoever I want’

Jeanne Chung, founder of MIGHTY Menopause

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Jeanne Chung portrait by Margot Duane Jeanne Chung wants to “rebrand” what it means for women to be in their 40s and 50s. “There’s Glossier on one side and AARP on the other,” says the 52-year-old founder of MIGHTY Menopause.  “JLo at the Superbowl was so polarizing. Modern, GenX women don’t fit into the social […]

Life on my terms: This is what happiness in your 40s looks like

Christina Loff and George for Jumble and Flow

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Christina Loff photographed at home by BriAnne Wills in Girls And Their Cats (Chronicle), a book that dispels the “crazy cat lady” stereotype. “So much of my happiness comes from just living how I want to live.” That’s how Christina Loff thinks about the rich, creative life she’s sculpted since moving from her native New […]

‘This is the top of the mountain’: MPowder Founder Rebekah Brown on thriving in business in mid-age

Rebekah Brown, founder of MPowder

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The entrepreneur talks about how the U.K. is leading the conversation about menopause and why she believes aging is the start of something equally as intoxicating as youth.

Boss-up quotes from 6 of the world’s most powerful Black women

Lizzo and Tina Turner

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In celebration of Black Herstory Month and every month, we share wise words from Michelle Obama, Lizzo, and more.