We survived the first week of remote learning during the pandemic

The morning of our first day of remote kindergarten during the pandemic

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Not going to sugar-coat it — the first day of my twins’ kindergarten was kind of a shitshow. (BTW, I took the above smiley photo of my husband and our kids an hour before school started.) On Monday, August 24, Zoom conked out just as millions of other kids tried to log on for remote […]

Women over 40 are poised to be one of the most powerful U.S. demographics

Stats about women over 40

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Women over 40 have more power — at home, at work, in politics, in the world — than ever before.  That’s one of the key takeaways from a recent survey of 500 women over 40. We were already feeling confident about middle age women’s power — Jumble & Flow’s raison d’être — but what we […]

How to return to college after 40

Olga Rosales Salinas Graduation Picture

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You can learn so much from living 40 years. I’ve learned that the choices I made in my 20s and 30s can change the course of life in a way that we simply can’t imagine until we turn 40.  The choice that I made in my 20s to not attend college straight after high school […]

Instagram ‘activism’ and a most surreal week

One Line, digital drawing by Jen Hewett

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(One Line, digital drawing by Jen Hewett) This article was republished with permission from artist Jen Hewett. It originally appeared here on Jen Hewett’s blog. On June 3, I received a text from my friend, the art director, illustrator, and writer (and Black Brunch Club founder) George McCalman. “Jennifer,” he asked, “what is happening?” For the past few days, […]

RIP George Floyd: This is how Chicago artists honor his name in street art

Together We Stand BLM art Chicago

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Chicago artists are creating beautiful work to honor and remember George Floyd. We took these photos in Chicago’s Wicker Park neighborhood on June 9, 2020, shortly before Floyd was laid to rest next to his mother in his hometown of Houston, Texas. Amy Cuevas SchroederAmy Cuevas Schroeder is the founder of Jumble & Flow, the […]

Black Lives Matter, biracial identity, and the feeling of jeopardy that comes with systemic change

Amy Cuevas Schroeder Martin Cuevas

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You’re probably feeling a jumble of emotions right now: anger, fear, confusion. Maybe you’re thinking, “What should I do now?” or “How can I help?”  We’re right there with you. Over the weekend, I tried to pull back tears while reading about peaceful protests turning violent. I couldn’t stop crying until I talked about what […]

Open call for photos: We’re looking for a few good women in their 40s

Call for photos: Women in their 40s

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Help us gear up for the official launch of Jumble & Flow Jumble & Flow, the empowering lifestyle brand for women in midlife, has been in “soft launch” mode for the last year. We’re getting ready to open the floodgates soon to announce to the world that We are Women in our 40s: Hear Us […]

What are the best quality and most accurate astrology sites and horoscopes?

Horoscopes and Astrology

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As a longtime horoscopes fan, I’ve come to view astrology as more than just a fun study of how the planets affect daily life. I feel like I’ve evolved along with regular readings about my star sign, Taurus. I’ve come to better understand who I am as a person and why my personality traits are […]

This book is a big deal in a world of thin people

Marisa Meltzer

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I live in a world of thin people. I interview the famously thin — actors, models, musicians, influencers — but mostly I observe them. I know their habits, but I’m also aware that I am not one of them. That’s a slice of Marisa Meltzer’s third book, This Is Big: How the Founder of Weight […]

Call & Response prompts

Jumble & Flow Call and Response prompt April 2020

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We want to feature your insights Every month, we invite women in their middle years to answer one prompt question in 350 words or less. We’ll publish as many responses as possible in a consolidated post on the Jumble & Flow blog. This month’s writing prompt April 2020: What is your new normal during the […]