Cool readers for women, because you need to be able to read the fine print

Reading Glasses for women

If you suddenly need help seeing the small print, you may need reading glasses! Check out 8 cool readers for women and you’ll see!

Want to boost creativity, happiness & connection? Hit the road

Exploring the world is fun, and the benefits of travel are physical, mental, and emotional. “50 After 50” author Maria Olsen explains why.

Spring is here, but can decluttering really make you happier?

It’s spring decluttering and cleaning time. Can it really be a boost for our mental health?

Curious about conscious uncoupling? “Nesting” co-parenting is on the rise for good reason 

Beth Behrendt, author of Nesting After Divorce: Co-Parenting in the Family Home, shares first-hand experience of why nesting isn’t just for celebrities and billionaires.

A reclamation: How to pick the right tattoo in your 40s and beyond

woman in white wedding dress with visible tattoos

From marking life events to overcoming social taboos, women embrace their bodies on their own terms.

The liberating power of solo travel and “microfreedoms”

Scenic photo of Washington state, with a bridge across turquoise water surrounded by pine trees

To find what makes her feel free and break long-held habits, executive, mother, and writer Liz Jones-Dilworth embarks a solo vacation.

Samantha Dion Baker on drawing and journaling as therapy

Samantha Dion Baker making art.

The author of Draw Your Day Kids! and Draw Your World encourages daily artmaking that taps into creativity, expression, and pure joy.

Hips don’t lie: How returning to Hawaiian hula dancing made me feel whole again in my 40s

How the gentle, flowing movements and radical acceptance of Hawaiian hula dancing helped me find my way back to myself in midlife.

How curiosity can help you get unstuck

This excerpt from Unfollow Your Passion, a new book by Terri Trespicio, is an invitation to get curious and break free.

Why “get out of your comfort zone” is not helpful advice, and what to do instead

Photo of a woman (Terri Trespicio) wearing glasses and a green top, holding a phone. The expression on her face is a slight smirk.

Many a motivational speaker has spouted the advice, that, in order to grow, we should simply “get out of our comfort zone.” Author Terri Trespicio breaks down why that advice falls short — and offers an alternative: Seek comfort.

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