How will society view women over 40 in the future?

A graphic with 7 circles with photos of women's faces. One circle contains this text: Wihat will society think of women over 40 in the future?

Join this conversation with pro-aging thought leaders about what the future may hold for women over 40. What’s your vision?

What should we call middle-age women — older, midlifer, 40+?

What do we call women over 40?

Join this conversation with pro-aging thought leaders about the best language to describe people over 40.

Our bodies, our selvages: Sonya Philip teaches how to sew your own way

Sonya Philip Jumble and Flow cover

Body positivity activist and author of “The Act of Sewing” teaches how to make your own clothing, on your terms.

10 of the best funny dad quotes for Father’s Day or any day

Judd Apatow quote about Johnny Depp

Andy Richter once said, “I would say that the hardest thing about being a parent is these goddamned kids.”

Lisa Congdon’s 69 mantras to blaze your own path to success

Lisa Congdon Let's Move Forward Together

Want to carve out your own niche as an entrepreneur or successful creative? Artist Lisa Congdon’s “You Will Leave a Trail of Stars” book is for you.

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