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Going through it? Check out 7 amazing mental health podcasts for women

A woman's hand with painted nails holding headphones to her ear, as she records on a computer audio setup

Going through it? With 4 million podcasts out there, it’s hard to find the best! Here are 7 amazing mental health podcasts for women.

Spring is here, but can decluttering really make you happier?

It’s spring decluttering and cleaning time. Can it really be a boost for our mental health?

At what age are we happiest and unhappiest?

Amy Cuevas Schroeder on happiness

Studies of people around the world show which ages we tend to be happiest and saddest.

Burned out from the grown-up grind? Try kidulting.

A woman wearing reflective sunglasses and blowing a bubble with bubblegum

Amid the stresses and emotional labor of midlife for women, kidulting encourages play, mindfulness, and overcoming burnout.

Think you’re a late bloomer? Think again. It’s time to dream big.

hands with flower by-monstera

Dear Dixie says, “Dream big. … Ruminating about the past doesn’t do you or anyone else any good.”

How to harness your negotiation superpower to get what you need and actually want

Fist bumps diva-plavalaguna

The author of “For the Forces of Good: The Superpower of Everyday Negotiation” delivers 3 tips to kickstart the power of everyday negotiation

Overwhelmed or exhausted? Try gentle productivity.

Peach mug with spilled pink yogurt and words “Doing my best” spelled out in cereal.

Here’s how to adopt a ‘pressure off’ approach to life, with insights from Juliet Landau-Pope, author of “Being More Productive” Question for you: Have you ever looked at your to-do list and panicked? Does a feeling of overwhelm wash over you as you wonder how on earth you’ll get it all done? Between meetings, the […]

A reclamation: How to pick the right tattoo in your 40s and beyond

woman in white wedding dress with visible tattoos

From marking life events to overcoming social taboos, women embrace their bodies on their own terms.

Invisibility is my superpower, and it can be yours, too

With age comes the ability to blend into the background that can be used to your advantage.

Dear Dixie: How should I handle my bump-on-a-log husband?

My husband’s a great guy but terrible communicator and it’s so frustrating. What can I do to improve our relationship?

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