Pregnant over 40: owning fear, embracing uncertainty, and the confidence of 39-year-old ovaries

In her latest Pregnant Over 40 column, Bonnie Ho shares her two IVF cycles so far, facing fear, and the beauty of uncertainty.

3 ways to navigate life with endometriosis

ENDO IS REAL written on a brick wall background

Living with endometriosis? Learn three ways to navigate life with this condition that affects 200 million people worldwide.

Managing midlife anxiety

A woman sitting on a rock outcropping overlooking a valley

Stress, thyroid, contraceptives, dieting: what causes midlife anxiety and how nutrition, herbs and lifestyle changes can help.

Low energy, weight gain, irregular periods — could it be perimenopause or thyroid problems?

Womans neck-by ron-lach

One in eight people have a thyroid problem and just about all women go through perimenopause — here’s how to tell the difference.

Natural Nutrition for Perimenopause: What to eat to feel good and stay sane

A white plate with bananas, blackberries, kiwi and strawberries on a wooden plank table with a glass of juice, two pieces of toast and a split avocado

What should you eat in perimenopause to feel good and stay sane? Read this free excerpt of Sally Duffin’s book, “Natural Nutrition for Perimenopause,” for expert advice.

Perimenopausal brain fog: A nutritionist’s guide to thinking clearly

Foods that prevent brain fog

Prevent brain fog with these tips from nutritionist Sally Duffin, author of “Natural Nutrition for Perimenopause: What to eat to feel good and stay sane.”

Chronic pain is rising among women. Why are autoimmune disorders such a little-known culprit?

Autoimmunity Chronic Pain among middle age women

Does it seem like everyone you know has chronic pain? We break down what this has to do with autoimmune disorders and women.

After years of chronic pain and fatigue, Curable changed my life

Illustration of a pink head with butterflies flying out of it.

Seeking relief from ongoing pain, migraines, and fatigue, I turned to a popular mind-body app. Here’s what worked (and didn’t work) for me.

What’s up with dry, itchy, sensitive skin as we age? Here’s what I did about it.

Photo of manicured hands with gray nail polish, applying lotion

Our skin can get more dry, itchy and sensitive as we age. Here are the lotions, creams, and supplements I’ve tried to stop the itch.

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