Bonnie Ho is a tarot & energy reader, spiritual counselor, and writes the Living in the Third Eye column for Jumble & Flow.

Bonnie's had her share of jumbles in life. From toxic relationships to crippling social anxiety, to fighting off disrespectful dudes at work, she discovered her flow through meditation, intuition and emotional connection in a spiritual journey of self-discovery. She's learned that when we give ourselves permission to be who we are, we are free, authentic, and joyful.

Bonnie is a self-taught tarot reader and a trained certified clairvoyant and energy reader, graduating from Psychic Horizons in San Francisco. She aims to help other women be empowered with heart by providing judgement-free readings, compassionate ears, as well as practical advice. To learn more, go to or follow her work and writing on Instagram, @the.divinefeminist or @bonnieho.insights.

Founder, Jumble & Flow

About your tarot reader, Bonnie Ho

You can ask just about anything save for the exceptions we outline below. Bonnie specializes in relationships, career / purpose, life transitions, and self-empowerment.

If you’re wondering how to ask a question, this is a good framework:
I am currently / have recently / wondering about ______________________. What should I know about this situation?

If you truly do not have a question, Bonnie is happy to give you a general reading.

FYIs & FAQs about your custom tarot reading

• Bonnie does not tell the future.
People sometimes go to psychics to find out about the future. Bonnie’s not that kind of psychic. Her goal is to provide information to help you re-focus your jumble! Read more here on her blog: “Why I don’t tell the future.”

• Bonnie does not make decisions for you.
Sometimes people go to psychics because they’re indecisive. Bonnie can provide context about your decision-making, but all follow-up decisions are up to you! We all have the power to choose our lives. Don’t let anyone take that away from you, including this reading.

• Sorry, Bonnie does not read on medical or financial issues.
Please see a medical professional (traditional or alternative!) if you’re having a medical issue. If you’re wondering about your general abundance, then ask away! Please don’t ask Bonnie for lottery numbers or advice that a financial adviser would be better equipped to answer.

What kind of question should I ask for the 5-Card Tarot Reading?

Are you hypertonic and don't know it?

There’s a saying, “Normal is just a setting on your dryer.” But yes, it is normal and many people are nervous their first time. Here are some things to know which hopefully will alleviate your fears.

• Bonnie will not tell you when you’ll die, or other disastrous things will happen to you. 
• Bonnie will not tell you that you are a horrible person, or made some sort of mistake. 
• Bonnie seeks to bring you messages of hope and aim to affirm you and who you are.
• Bonnie is always looking toward your highest potential self to focus you toward your most shining self.

I’m nervous about getting a tarot reading — is this a normal feeling?

What makes this written PDF tarot reading different from an unwritten tarot reading?

Readings are first-come, first-serve and limited to availability. Once at capacity, readings will be listed as “sold out” until further notice.

By placing your order, you are giving Bonnie permission to connect with your being to peek at your energy for the duration of the reading.

What else should I know?


Email Bonnie Ho

Yours to keep: A personalized tarot reading by Bonnie Ho in a PDF, so you can refer to the insights any time.

I’ve always been drawn to tarot readers but have been let down more than a few times by readers who aren’t ‘legit.’ And that’s the thing — how do you know if a reader can actually help you?

Bonnie is a certified clairvoyant — she’s my go-to energy and tarot reader.

She’s helped me understand that I tend to take on the weight of the world and other people’s problems. I often have a hard time letting things go and she helped me clear up some major mental blocks and learn to trust my intuition.”

— Dr. Rachel Rubin
Urologist and women's sexual medicine pioneer

Got questions?

Although Bonnie Ho also offers live sessions over Zoom, written readings are a fun way to dip your toe into tarot readings, especially for nervous first-timers! Written in Bonnie’s amusing and uplifting voice, a written reading is something you can read over and integrate the insights in your own time.
Written readings are also great for busy bees who have a lot going on and have trouble finding the time to get a reading. This way you can read it in your own time, whenever you’d like.

How it works

• Purchase either the 1-Card Reading or 5-Card Reading on the order page.

• If you select 5-Card Reading, you’re invited to email Bonnie at with your focus question. If you do not have a question, then Bonnie will do a general reading.

• Place your order and Bonnie will email your custom reading within seven business days.

Card 1: What the jumble?
More information on your question and what the jumble is about

Card 2: The unjumbling
How to untangle yourself from your jumble, or a different perspective on your jumble

Card 3: How to flow
How best to get your flow on

Card 4: Your flow superpower
Trait or skill you possess to help you flow and where to focus

Card 5: Bonus Oracle card!

About the 5-Card Reading 

I highly recommend Bonnie. With great understanding and clarity, she helped me understand myself better. Bonnie has such a great way of explaining things. Her tarot card layout is fantastic! It's clear and easy to understand. The best part about the PDF is that I can read it over and over again.





Custom Tarot Readings by Bonnie Ho

Founder, Jumble & Flow

Amy Cuevas Schroeder

Hannah M.

Get insights about your jumbles & how to flow

Sorry, at this time, you cannot ask a question for 1-Card Readings.

Can I ask a question for 1-Card Reading?

Yes! If you’d like to schedule a 30 minute follow up, you can do so at We removed this option to lessen confusion in the ordering process.

You used to provide an option to add a 30 Minute Zoom follow up session. Can I still do this?

Get unstuck and find your flow with a custom-written personalized tarot card reading by Bonnie Ho, a Psychic Horizons–certified clairvoyant 

This is a quickie reading that summarizes themes, affirmations, and notes you can refer to throughout 2022! 
(350–400 words)

5-Card Tarot Reading
For deep personal insights

An in-depth reading that includes 6 pages of custom content around your jumbles and how to flow!
(Approx. 1,500 words)
This is a written reading and you'll receive a PDF via email within seven business days.

Order 5-Card Reading

Order 1-Card Reading

1-Card Tarot Reading
Your personal tarot message

Choose a reading to find your flow

1-Card Tarot Reading
Your personal tarot message

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