Jumble & Flow is the first lifestyle brand and philosophy that empowers GALs (Grown-Ass Ladies) to kick serious ass and live healthy, inspired lives in their middle-ish years. Yes, we’re tackling perimenopause like a boss, but we’re about so much more than that. We’re about letting go of perfection and accepting that pretty good is pretty great. Shooting high, but loving the little things too. Saving money but splurging every now and then. Connecting with other women going through similar experiences.
We strive to provide multiple perspectives about life in our prime, perimenopause, career success, relationships, and more.

Our mission is to empower women in their prime to live fully realized lives 

Our principles move women forward

- Accept the jumbles of life.
- Essentialize what’s most important.
- Find your fulfillment at this new stage of life.
- Go with your flow — whatever your version of “flow” may be. (We’re not talking about periods.)

We’re just getting started

We’re in bootstrapped startup mode. Our goal is to build a collective of like-minded women who help each other go with the jumble and flow. In 2020, our top goals are to build awareness and audience, develop perimenopause resources, and host our first event.

Jumble & Flow, the new brand for grown-ass ladies in their prime, seeks a multitalented content marketing manager. If you’re a skilled writer-editor who loves all things content, we’d love to hear from you. We’re looking for someone who knows their way around blogging and social media. If you have experience shaping content in order to promote in fresh ways across multiple social platforms, get in touch. Ideally, you’ve produced content for women in some shape or form and are an avid consumer of women’s blogs, newsletters, and other kinds of content directed to women.

You’ll work closely with Amy Cuevas Schroeder, the founder of Jumble & Flow, who founded Venus Zine back in the day and has also worked in content strategy for Etsy, West Elm, Minted, and more. You’ll collaborate with Amy to get creative about scalable content types, and set goals around building audience. Bonus points if you’re a high-energy go-getter, and metrics-driven strategic thinker.

Content marketing manager (freelance)

We're not currently hiring, but we are seeking writers. Read our submission guidelines.

If you’re interested in this position, please email jumbleandflow@gmail.com to tell us a bit about yourself and express why you’re interested in the position. Please also share links to your social accounts or social accounts and sites you’ve produced content or social for.  

Required skills
- Skilled copy editor and copywriter
- Knows how to write short and snappy content that gets to the point and the heart of the story
- A knack for headline writing
- Basic knowledge of SEO
- Experience using WordPress
- Respect for deadlines
- Google docs and spreadsheets
- Light photo editing