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Want to write for us?

We’re always looking for talented writers, editors, photographers, illustrators, and other creatives. 

A few things to keep in mind before you pitch us
• Jumble & Flow’s target audience is primarily women in their 40s, but our readership includes all genders and folks younger and older as well.

• If you have a story idea that you think would be great for Jumble & Flow but doesn't really fit into one of our categories, we recommend you still fill out our submission form.

• If you're less interested in writing but are more interested in contributing in a different capacity, please email For example, we're eager to hear from people who are interested in editing or managing content on a particular topic.

Re: unpaid writing opportunities, why would I want to write for free?
• We’re a mission-oriented, woman-owned business. This is an opportunity to get in on the ground floor of our growing business. We have plans to grow beyond just content. (Want to know who you might work with? Read about our team here.)
• We’ll take care of the production work and quality control that you can’t get at most independent blogs or on Medium, etc. You'll work closely with a Jumble & Flow editor, and we'll create graphics and manage the WordPress formatting process.
• We’ll optimize your story for search (we’re good at SEO).
• We’ll promote your work in our newsletter, on the homepage of Jumble & Flow, and on our social media channels. You’ll get a byline, a writer’s bio, author page, and we’ll link to your social media and website.

What kind of content do we pay for?
We pay for tangible tips, listicles, and roundups on topics of interest to women 40 and over. In other words, we tend to pay for articles that answer search queries on Google. We tend to pay $50–$100 per original piece of content (sorry, we can’t pay for a piece if it has appeared somewhere online.) For special, in-depth topics, we may be able to pay more.  We’re seeking original, high-quality content about these topics:

• Women’s health and wellness
• Perimenopause and menopause
• Tangible, actionable career advice
• Modern parenting
• Personal finance
• Listicles and roundups on relevant topics that our audience is likely to search for on Google

We welcome personal essays but cannot pay for them at this time. 
• First-person essays (“it happened to me”) on topics such as relationships, starting over in your career, overcoming life challenges, entrepreneurship, parenting, etc.
• Examples of the kind of essays we’re looking for:
   - How to find and maintain your happiness: 8 things I did to get my groove back
   - What it felt like to live through Texas’s SNOVID-21 as a part-time prepper

We're interested in featuring interviews with inspiring and innovative women in their 40s or 50s who have overcome adversity or accomplished something inspiring despite the odds against them. 
Examples of our interviews:
Perimenopause power? Yep, your hormones want to tell you more than you think
• Is your tech career over at 40? This 51-year-old Engineering Manager at Netflix doesn’t think so

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Become a Jumble & Flow columnist
Would you like to build your personal brand for our growing community of open-minded, educated, inspiring women? In general, our columnists write one to two articles per month. Email to pitch your column idea.

Benefits of being a Jumble & Flow columnist
• We’ll help shape your ideas, we provide quality editing, and optimize your content for search
• We’ll promote your content in our newsletter and our social channels
• You’ll have the opportunity to grow your personal brand alongside our growing brand
• You can syndicate your content on Medium and LinkedIn after we’ve published your content on

Examples of Jumble & Flow columns
Living in the Third Eye by Bonnie Ho
Age Against the Machine by Dixie Laite
Dear Dixie advice column by Dixie Laite

Do you know a Grown-Ass Lady whose story needs to be told? We’re looking for inspiring women of all kinds — entrepreneurs, business leaders, creative visionaries, funny folks, double-dayers and side hustlers, activists, etc. We prefer to feature womxn 40 and older.

How it works
Fill out this brief Hey GAL pitch form and we’ll get back to you if we’re able to feature your GAL. If we pick your GAL to be featured, we’ll follow up with you via email with more details.

Ready to pitch us? Click here to fill out the Jumble & Flow submission form

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