How it works
Email your idea and tell us why you want to feature this particular woman. Once we follow up with you and say “go for it!”, please contact the person you want to feature. Ask them the following questions either via email, in a Google Doc, or on the phone/Zoom, etc. Write a short introduction (we recommend no more than a few paragraphs). Then email us the polished story in a Google Doc and also include at least one photo of the featured person, preferably horizontal/landscape shots.

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In My Prime 
An interview series featuring inspiring women in their 40s and 50s

Questions we always ask
1. What 3 jumbles are top of mind for you right now? By “jumbles,” we mean the complications of life — especially, grown-up life.

2. How do you go with the flow? Meaning, how do you work through those jumbles?

3. What are the 40s (or 50s) like for you, and what do you want younger women to know about this decade before they get here?

4. Then, add one or two “wild card” questions. This is where we encourage your creativity. You could ask a question specific to the woman’s life -- such as about her career, home life, goals, etc. Or, you could ask a question that you think will elicit a really thoughtful, insightful, or humorous answer.

If you’re interested in writing for Jumble & Flow, we’d love to hear from you. Please email to suggest your ideas for original essays, listicles, tips, how-tos, photo stories, etc. We also have a number of recurring content series that we’re always seeking fresh content for (see the “Volunteer Opportunities”) below. 

If we accept your work, we will do a light copy-edit and post the content (including your byline) on the Jumble & Flow blog. We’ll promote your story on our social channels and also likely in our newsletter.

Our target audience
Women in their 40s and 50s who are seeking inspirational insights and resources from fellow women in their prime.

Jumble & Flow content submission guidelines

Long-form, in-depth research and reporting
We're seeking experienced writers to produce long-form guides about perimenopause and perimenopause relief. We’re also seeking an experienced writer who can cover the potential benefits of marijuana for the relief of menopausal symptoms. 

Email your ideas and express your interest to Amy Cuevas Schroeder at

Who we tend to feature: Women in their 40s or 50s who have overcome adversity or accomplished something inspiring despite the odds against them. 

For all the following, please email your ideas to Amy Cuevas Schroeder at

Volunteer opportunities

Healthy Distractions
Short reviews of your favorite things in life

What inspires you? We’re looking for short reviews of new things inspiring you in mid-life. A “Healthy Distraction” could be a review of a new book, film, TV series, clothing line, perimenopause relief — really, we’re pretty open to ideas.

Here’s an example of the very first Healthy Distractions that we featured in the Jumble & Flow newsletter:

'Self Made' was made for enduring tough times
If you’re a fan of stories about overcoming adversity, we suggest carving out four hours of couch empowerment time to watch Self Made. The Netflix miniseries is a biopic about Madam C.J. Walker (birth name: Sarah Birthlove), America’s first self-made female millionaire. Octavia Spencer plays Madam, the founder of one of the first companies to produce products specifically for black hair, in the early 1900s.

Madam was born just a couple of years after emancipation and wound up working as a washer woman. She overcame extreme racism and sexism and hustled her way to success at a time when women were seen as nuisances outside the home. With much determination, Madam C.J. Walker successfully persuaded investors (first men, and then wealthy women), opened a factory, and built careers for thousands of black women who sold her products. Walker’s pioneering activism empowered women and African Americans, helping future generations to prosper.

Call & Response
Featuring your answer to one meaningful question