Jumble & Flow is the first lifestyle brand and philosophy that empowers GALs (Grown-Ass Ladies) to kick serious ass and live healthy, inspired lives in their middle-ish years. Yes, we’re tackling perimenopause like a boss, but we’re about so much more than that. We’re about letting go of perfection and accepting that pretty good is pretty great. Shooting high, but loving the little things too. Saving money but splurging every now and then. Connecting with other women going through similar experiences.
We strive to provide multiple perspectives about life in our prime, perimenopause, career success, relationships, and more.

Our mission is to empower women in their prime to live fully realized lives 

Our principles move women forward

- Accept the jumbles of life.
- Essentialize what’s most important.
- Find your fulfillment at this new stage of life.
- Go with your flow — whatever your version of “flow” may be. (We’re not talking about periods.)

We’re just getting started

We’re in bootstrapped startup mode. Our goal is to build a collective of like-minded women who help each other go with the jumble and flow. In 2020, our top goals are to build awareness and audience, develop perimenopause resources, and host our first event.

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Hi! I’m Amy Cuevas Schroeder, an entrepreneurial writer and fundinavian decorator who’s navigating the ups and downs of perimenopause. I live in the Chicago burbs with my husband (Martin, a social worker) and our twin daughters. By day, I work in editorial content strategy and have worked for companies including Etsy, Minted, Abstract, West Elm, NYLON, and Pitchfork. (View my portfolio.)

I’ve been to Venus and back
I started my first business, Venus Zine, about women in music and DIY culture, as a college freshman at Michigan State University. Thanks to the big hearts and volunteer spirit of hundreds of talented creative people, I scaled Venus bootstrap-style, from a dorm-room fanzine into an internationally distributed magazine. After a decade of running the show, I sold my company to an independent publisher, weathering a heated exit. Emotionally traumatized, I moved from Chicago to New York to start over. Unfortunately, it was 2009, during the financial crisis and the decline of the print journalism industry. As a writer in a sea of thousands of underemployed journalists, times were rough. So I pivoted. I dove into the digital content world and eventually landed at Etsy, and, later, in the agency world.

Finding my Jumble & Flow 
I began developing what it means to live a Jumble & Flow life about three years after having twin girls, moving from Brooklyn to the Chicago burbs, while holding down a full-time job at Minted, a fast-growing startup. During that time, our daughter Isabel was diagnosed with Pitt Hopkins, a rare genetic syndrome that causes inability to walk and talk among many other symptoms.

To deal with the complexities of daily life, including undiagnosed perimenopause and navigating what it means to be “in my prime” at the same time, I started learning coping strategies, ranging from mindfulness and therapy to transcendental meditation and minimalism. I also created Adventures in Perimenopause to get to the bottom of this misunderstood state that millions of women are dealing with. Here we go!

About the Founder of Jumble & Flow

Me at 20.
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