Jumble & Flow is a new lifestyle brand and philosophy that empowers GALs (Grown-Ass Ladies) to kick serious ass and live healthy, inspired lives in their middle-ish years. Yes, we’re tackling perimenopause like a boss, but we’re about so much more than that. We’re about letting go of perfection and accepting that pretty good is pretty great. Shooting high, but loving the little things too. Saving money but splurging every now and then. Connecting with other women going through similar experiences.

We strive to provide multiple perspectives about life in our prime, perimenopause, career success, relationships, and more.

Our mission is to empower women 40 and over to live life on their terms

Our principles move women forward

- Accept the jumbles of life.
- Essentialize what’s most important.
- Find your fulfillment at this new stage of life.
- Go with your flow — whatever your version of “flow” may be. (We’re not talking about periods.)

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