Our mission is to empower women 40+ to live life on their terms

Jumble & Flow is a new lifestyle brand and philosophy that empowers GALs (Grown-Ass Ladies) to kick serious ass and live healthy, inspired lives in their middle-ish years. 

We strive to provide multiple perspectives about life in our prime, women’s health, career fulfillment, and relationships. Yes, we’re tackling perimenopause like a boss, but we’re about so much more than that. We’re about letting go of perfection and accepting that pretty good is pretty great. Shooting high but loving the little things too. Making smart money decisions, of course, but also treating yourself every now and then. Connecting with other women going through similar experiences, digging into tough topics, and enjoying doable, down-to-earth self-care. And making change where change is due.

Over the hill is so over and done with

This ain’t your grandmother’s middle age. It’s high time to reinvent life in your 40s.

Did you know?

• The oldest Millennial turns 40 in 2021.

• 25% of Americans are now women over 40 (in 2021).

• Women are living longer than ever before. A woman’s life span is almost 8% on average longer than a man’s. According to a 2020 U.S. Centers for Disease Control report, the average American man will live to age 76, while the average America woman will live to age 81. 

We strive to provide multiple perspectives about life in our prime, perimenopause, career fulfillment, creativity, relationships, and more.


Accept the jumbles of life

Essentialize what’s most important

Find your fulfillment at this new stage of life

Go with your flow — whatever your version of “flow” may be

Our principles move women forward




Hiya! We’re the Jumble & Flow team

I’m a writer and parent of twin girls who’s navigating the ups and downs of midlife and perimenopause. I live in the Chicago burbs with my husband (Martin Cuevas, a social worker) and our daughters Lydia and Isabel. In addition to Jumble & Flow, I currently work full time for Unusual Ventures. I've previously worked or written for Etsy, Minted, HarperCollins, West Elm, NYLON, and Pitchfork.

I’ve been to Venus and back
I started my first business, Venus Zine, about women in music and DIY culture, as a freshman at Michigan State University. Thanks to the big hearts of hundreds of talented creative people, I scaled Venus bootstrap-style, from a fanzine into an internationally distributed magazine. After a decade of running the show, I sold my company to an independent publisher, and moved from Chicago to New York to start a new chapter. 

Finding my Jumble & Flow 
I began developing what it means to live a Jumble & Flow life about three years after having twin girls, moving from Brooklyn to the Chicago area to be near family, while holding down a full-time job and putting my husband through college. During that time, our daughter Isabel was diagnosed with Pitt Hopkins, a rare genetic syndrome that causes inability to walk and talk among many other symptoms.

To deal with the complexities of daily life, including undiagnosed perimenopause and navigating what it means to be “in my prime” at the same time, I started learning coping strategies, ranging from mindfulness and therapy to transcendental meditation and minimalism. I also created the Adventures in Perimenopause series to get to the bottom of this misunderstood state that millions of women face.

Crushing on: Journalist-activist Jemele Hill because she's fearless. We worked together at our Michigan State University paper and I’ve enjoyed watching her navigate her career with boldness.

Now that I'm in my 40s, I wholeheartedly believe: I’m in my prime — that what I do now will pay off in my decades ahead. In so many ways, I feel like I’m just getting started with coming into my own. I’m on a mission to redefine, reinvent, and disrupt what midlife means, and I’ll be damned if anyone stops me.

You'll never find me without: black clothing and coffee with stevia and almond milk.

Amy Cuevas Schroeder

Founder & Head of Content

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Hannah Shadrick Hummel

Columns Editor

When I was 12 years old, I saved up my allowances and bought myself The Complete Poems of Emily Dickinson. I've fancied myself a writer ever since. These days, I mostly write for the internet: content designer for a grocery retailer by day, and managing editor at Jumble & Flow by night. 

If I'm not writing, I'm reading. Probably romance. Or, a cookbook. I spend most weeknights in the kitchen making gluten free ginger scones — because Hashimoto's — while watching the Great British Baking Show. I never miss my two daily walks in Austin, Texas, with my husband. 

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Crushing on: Madonna, because I need to see models of women changing their minds and loving themselves more for it.

Now that I'm in my 30s: I wholeheartedly believe in forgiveness. I didn't say I was good at it! But, I do believe expanding your heart to include forgiveness is good for you.

40 is the new 30
After I turned 30 (I'm 31 now), I started feeling like I had something to say. I mean, I'm a certified Pelvic Floor Yoga™ instructor, as well as a certified Personal Finance Nerd™. I'm from the rural South and I make my living as a UX writer. Surely, I have something interesting to say out of all these sides of me? 

Amy and I worked together previously at a start-up and I'd always admired her professionalism and true-to-herselfness. Shortly after we both left the company, I reached out and asked if I could write about my pelvic floor, and Amy promptly replied, "Absolutely." It's been peaches ever since.

Life-changing jumble: Meeting my now-husband. I was engaged when we met, which made things inconvenient. I disappointed people. I grieved my ex while falling in love with him. And, ultimately, I grew up in the process of becoming his wife.

You'll never find me without: my dog.

Rev. Bonnie Ho

Columnist, Living in the Third Eye

I'm a spiritual counselor, energy & tarot reader, and author of the Living in the Third Eye column for Jumble & Flow. After spending most of my adult life trying to prove my worth through an analytical career, I found a spiritual path that led me back to myself and my own heart. Now, I help others heal their wounds, find their joy, and embrace their intuition and true desires, in a grounded, balanced way. I'm available for spiritual guidance and energy readings — visit bonniehoinsights.com to learn more.

Crushing on: Lady Gaga. Her type of music isn’t my go-to, but I appreciate her humanitarianism, authenticity, and vulnerability — especially in her speaking out about her mental health challenges. In these volatile times, we need someone with a big voice to stand up and show her pain, so that the world can know that they’re not alone. I love that she's been so revealing about her inner battles with her celebrity status, which just shows: We all have jumbles, no matter how things may look from the outside.

Life-changing jumble: In my late 20s, I was in a toxic, on-and-off emotionally abusive relationship. This one jumble has brought me many invaluable lessons. First, it allowed me to know my own power by standing my ground to leave it, amidst my fear. As I healed, I began to see how the relationship was also showing me hidden emotions, beliefs and strategies that do not serve me. Seeing this allowed me to take ownership for my contribution in the toxicity of the relationship. By owning my whole self, even the unsavory parts, I came to fully love myself and learn the meaning of forgiveness and acceptance. All of this wouldn’t have happened if I didn’t have this terrible experience.

Let's connect on Instagram: @the.divinefeminist

Now that I'm in my 40s, I wholeheartedly believe: in leading my life from my heart. Up until a few years ago, I was living from my head, and I couldn’t understand why I wasn’t happy! Now I know that we can’t find joy from our heads, because joy is a feeling! When I follow my joy, it feels so good that even when others judge me, I just keep on, keepin’ on. If this is wrong, I don’t want to be right!

Dixie Laite

Columnist, Age Against the Machine

Let's connect on Instagram: @dixielaite

I've been a second-grade teacher and mechanical bull operator, and for the past 25 years I've worked for a variety of TV networks as a writer, editorial director, trainer, advice columnist, even an on-air personality. But primarily I've trotted around New York City in one cowboy shirt or another, lurking around flea markets, gyms, and anywhere they’ll hand her French toast.

I'm currently lounging around my apartment with one husband, one dog, five parrots, and roughly 2,000 pairs of shoes.

I write two columns for Jumble & Flow: Age Against the Machine and Dear Dixie.

Crushing on: Wanda Sykes because she's just so funny and smart, and her skin is such a gorgeous caramel color. It would be a struggle not to dry-hump her leg. But I also have major girl crushes on dozens of yesteryear dames for their courage, humor, and glamour — too many to name. (That's why I started Dametown.com!) 

Life-changing jumble: Learning that I’ve been my own worst enemy all along, not my various jumbles. 

Now that I'm in my 50s, I wholeheartedly believe in: 1) tenacity, 2) kindness, and 3) not caring about what idiots think about you. 

You'll never find me without: I would have said lipstick before March 2020. But now I can actually be without it without hyperventilating. 

Candice Nobles

Advisory Board Member

I’m a marketing professional who’s spent 20 years helping startups acquire and retain customers. I’ve been involved in all stages of startups, from conception to acquisition. 

I understand when to press on the accelerator marketing-wise, how to construct the ideal in-house marketing team, and how to operationalize marketing alongside product and sales organizations for the fullest combined effect. 
I also work as the CMO at Papers + Ink Studio. Before that, I held several head of marketing positions where I helped companies lay the foundation for marketing and launched their web and mobile applications. My work includes helping teams define their mission, vision, brand attributes, messaging and core values as well as creating and executing social media, content, email, paid placements and other customer marketing activities. 

Read more about Candice in our essay, Black Lives Matter, biracial identity, and the feeling of jeopardy that comes with systemic change.

Candice also shares her career story here in No more faking the funk: Our cofounder turns her back on Silicon Valley culture.

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Life-changing jumble: I've had a number of jumbles — life's so full of them. So I'm having a hard time picking one. There are moments that bring us highs and lows and give us a sense of purpose and drive. Each moment is interwoven with the past and the future. It isn’t one jumble — it's the series of successes and challenges that make me who I am.  

Now that I'm in my 40s, I wholeheartedly believe in: love....but, I don't go around saying that I “believe” in things. I either know things and accept that fact that there are things that I don't know. I know that we must love ourselves and others. I know that faith will get you by, in the literal sense of knowing that things won’t be the same. I don’t believe in anything. This could be semantics. 

Gretchen Kalwinski

Advisory Board Member and Columnist, Self-Care Isn't Selfish

I’m a Chicago-based writer of creative and UX copy for a large health and wellness retailer. My storytelling background is hybrid: I've worked as a magazine editor, have an MFA in creative writing, and my writing has been anthologized in publications including Chicago: Rust Belt Anthology. My work has also appeared in The Chicago Reader, Time Out Chicago, The Dodo, and Orbitz.

I’m both compelled by and skeptical of wellness culture including yoga, breathwork, herbalism, ancestral healing, and aromatherapy. (I was meditating long before it was cool.) You can find me Tweeting about feminism and literature and Instagramming about my dog and baked goods.

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You'll never find me without: a packet of turmeric-ginger tea, Aveda’s essential-oil “stress-fix” perfume roller, mints, hand lotion, gauzy scarf in case of a chill, and a packet of dog treats. And, if I’m being honest, my dog, Cody.

Now that I'm in my 40s, I wholeheartedly believe in: radical transparency and vulnerability (with the right people), and my own intuition, which never leads me astray. I believe that you can give more freely to others once you learn to practice healthy boundaries. I’m also happy to report that the cliche about how you stop caring about what other people think of you the older you get is true! I can’t believe how much time I wasted in my youth being crippled by self-consciousness and worrying about what others thought of me. Letting go of that is the best part of aging, by far.  

Bonnie Broeren

Advisory Board Member

I’m a mom, wife, lawyer, and writer partial to mission-based companies, scrappy startups, and social justice warriors. I began my career as a young, idealistic attorney with a deep love of research and writing. I spent time practicing in both the public and private sectors, handling every subject imaginable, from divorce and custody to administrative agency review cases. 

Eventually, my love of New York and all things handmade led me to Etsy, a platform that supports makers and micro-entrepreneurs. At Etsy, I spent nearly six years writing and advising on content moderation policy, government relations, and corporate social responsibility initiatives. Most recently, I moved my family back to Chicago, where I continue to work in the e-commerce space, focusing on policy around user-generated content. 

Visit my site: bonniebroeren.com

Crushing on: Michelle Obama. Whenever I'm stressed out, misunderstood, or unsure of myself, I read something she wrote or watch clips of interviews she's given about impostor syndrome, and it gives me the courage to face my fears. Most notably, her “secret” that she has sat at some of the most powerful tables in the world, and “they’re not that smart” always makes me smile and reminds me that no matter how impressive or intimidating someone is, they're still just as human as I am. 

Life-changing jumble: Leaving the traditional practice of law. In 2012, I took a chance on a little known company at the time (Etsy) in a role no one had heard of before (Trust & Safety Policy) in a city I had only visited a couple of times (New York). Lawyers are generally not early adopters or risk takers, but I am, and I needed to create space for myself to still be true to who I was within my chosen profession. I took a huge risk, and there were times when I was not sure how it would pan out. I worried that I had ruined my career. Nearly 10 years later, I could not be happier with the direction my career has gone, the amazing people I have met, and the opportunities I have had. I am grateful that I trusted myself enough to take a chance on something in which most other people did not yet see potential. 

Now that I'm in my 40s, I wholeheartedly believe: that you are never too old to start something new, learn something new, or pivot in your life. When I decided to pivot in my career, I worried that at 34 I was “too old,” and now that seems silly to me. I am still constantly learning new skills and new subjects, and now think of myself as a constant work in progress rather than a person trying to achieve some state of perfection. 

Dr. Stephanie Levi

Advisory Board Member

I'm an assistant professor of biology at Oakton Community College, where I focus on the needs of first-generation, low-income, underrepresented, non-native students and students with disabilities, among others. I am a first-generation student from a low-income background, and earned my Ph.D. In Molecular Genetics and Cell Biology at the University of Chicago in 2009. After receiving my degree, I declined a post-doc at Harvard because I would not have been able to focus on expanding opportunities for others in STEM fields. I’ve found that taking an unchartered path can yield wonderful results.

These days, when I'm not spending time with my husband, my sweet beagle named Bagels, family and friends, I’m building my marijuana-focused site, Plants to Pipes. Originally from the great city of Dayton, Ohio, I now live in North Avondale in Chicago.

Let's connect on: Instagram

Julie Smith Schneider

Health & Wellness Editor

After spending 11 formative years on staff at Etsy, where I served as senior editor, writer-editor, and DIY editor, followed by a few years with CreativeMornings, I’m currently a freelance writer, editor, and journalism grad student. I cover the creative world, community, entrepreneurship, and women’s health, with an eye for big-hearted, human-centered stories and helpful, informative content. You can find my writing on Hyperallergic, Taproot Magazine, The Center Magazine, and elsewhere.
I was raised in Nashville, Tennessee, and I’ve called Brooklyn, New York, home since 2006. You might find me biking around the city donning big sunglasses, wandering museums notebook in hand, or dreaming up a new project — maybe a quilt or a hand-crafted GIF — in my cozy art studio. I always have a pile of craft projects in progress.
My life-changing jumble: I’ve experienced a few jumbles over recent years, including caring for my partner through the aftermath of sudden cardiac arrest. Since then I’ve also navigated my own medical journey of getting diagnosed with endometriosis and endometrial cancer in quick succession, plus the mountain of decisions that accompanied these revelations. My partner has been by my side through it all, and I’m happy to say that we’re both still kicking!
You'll never find me without: A notebook and multiple writing implements. I’m always ready to scribble down an idea, a phase, an overheard quote, a haiku, a doodle, or whatever bit of creative lighting might strike me.

Let's connect on Instagram

Liz Jones-Dilworth

Advisory Board Member

Liz Jones-Dilworth is owner and vice president of JDI, a marketing and design firm that serves precedent-setting science companies. Her mission at JDI is to build and foster an environment that supports an intensely creative team. She oversees company finances, individual and team health, learning and development, and recruiting. She loves solving problems, and there are plenty of robust challenges to address while building the business of her dreams.

Liz's extracurricular life includes serving on the board of directors for Welcome Table, an organization that provides critical resources and community to people in East Austin, as well the Rude Mechs, an avant garde theater company in Austin. She's a founder and inaugural member of the Core Curriculum Alumni Advisory Council at Boston University. She's also a member of the Beam Advisory Council, which supports female entrepreneurs.

Outside of work, Liz can be found practicing the craft of creative writing, taking long walks with good friends, and baking cookies every full moon.

Olga Rosales Salinas

Columnist, Thriving While Anxious

Olga Rosales Salinas is a content writer and freelancer who produces poetry, short stories, and essays. Her debut collection of poetry and prose, La Llorona, benefits The Rosales Sisters' Scholarship, a scholarship that she co-founded for first-generation or immigrant students on the central coast of California, where Olga and her five sisters grew up.

Olga is passionate about all of her creative endeavors, including motherhood, mental health, fitness, writing, and wife life. Find more at www.OlgaRS.com.

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